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Garmin Descent Mk2

Garmin Descent Mk2

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Stainless Steel with Black Band.

This watch tracks your dive profile and surface interval automatically, and has multiple alarms that can get programmed (both buzz and beep) or that can be silenced in the Apnea Hunt mode.

Maybe the best feature though, is being able to mark your spots. We literally swim up from a dive, hold the watch out of the water, and hit a button for it to mark the GPS location. This has been an absolute game changer, and made our hunting much more effective because we can get right to where we want to go without wasting any time. 

Track all your activities like running, swimming, cycling...all the way on to cross country skiing and whatever other adventures you're up to. Track your heart rate, fitness, VO2 max, sleep, HRV levels, and on and on. This watch gives so much information and makes it so much more than a dive watch.

Choose from multiple dive modes for your underwater adventure.

Review dives in the Garmin Dive™ app.
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