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AIDA 2 Program

AIDA 2 Program

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The most complete introduction to freediving!

By the end of this program, you will be a certified freediver, know how to freedive safely, and be doing complete freedives. 

This program provides all the materials, knowledge and training for you to achieve AIDA 2 certification.

This program consists of a land class, followed by a confined water class, followed by two open water training sessions plus two extra optional open water training sessions.

The extra optional open water training sessions are not required, but are there to support you in your goal of reaching AIDA 2 certification if you need to take extra time to do so.


  • The land class takes place online (via Google Meet). Usually Wednesdays, 6-9pm.
  • Confined water classes take place at the Bay Area's deepest diving pool, Miwok Aquatic Center in Marin. Usually Saturdays 2-5pm, Sundays 5-8pm, or weekdays 7-10pm.
  • Open water training sessions take place in the calm, clear water of Lake Berryessa in the Napa Valley, on Sundays from 9am to noon. The lake provides a more supportive environment for learning freediving than the ocean, where students aiming for AIDA 2 can struggle with cold, seasickness and low visibility.


You can choose your dates for the land class, and the first confined water class, here. You can book them both in the same week, or in different weeks if that works better for you.

After you have completed your first confined water class, you can start attending open water training sessions, which run every Sunday.

You can reschedule at no charge, or get a full refund, up until the start time of class.


AIDA manuals and exams are available in Chinese, and many other languages, at no extra charge. In-water instruction is usually in English. 

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